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I am a small-town East Coast girl living and working in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Fuelled by coffee and inspiration from other creatives, I’ve been a photographer, educator, and proud member of the creative community since 2010. There’s not much I love more than teaching creative entrepreneurs how to rock their own product photography.

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One of my most frequently asked questions is what size and ratio Etsy product listing photos should be. Sizing and ratio is very important when it comes to your Etsy product photos, so in this post I’ll be covering:

⭐️ Why getting your image sizing right is important

⭐️ The correct ratio for Etsy images

⭐️  The correct pixels for Etsy images

⭐️ How to optimize your Etsy images for web use (1 MB or less)

⭐️ DPI explained

First let’s talk about size and ratio.

The ratio refers to how wide the image is compared to how tall it is (eg, 1:1, 5:4, 4:3, etc). You set your ratio when you crop your photo in your editing process either on your computer or your smartphone, or within your camera when you take the actual photo.

Size refers to how many pixels wide and how many pixels tall your photo is. This can be adjusted when editing, but needs to be at least a certain size when captured (more on that in moment).

So why do we even care about this?

The ratio is important for two reasons.

One, when someone searches Etsy, or views your shop, the “gallery images” that are meant to capture the attention of shoppers are a ratio of 4:3 (so slightly wider than they are tall). If the photos you upload aren’t a 4:3 ratio, you risk your product being cut off and not shown in its entirety. The search results are a crucial opportunity to capture the attention of shoppers, and with part of your product not even been seen, there’s a good chance you’ll be passed over.

Two, if your product photos in your product listings are all different ratios, that will produce unsightly spaces above and below, or on the sides, of some of your photos. The “container” for your product photos will fit the largest photo, so anything smaller will show space around it.

So what ratio and resolution should your photos be for your online shop?

The size (pixels) of your photo is also important, as it affects the quality of your photo especially when viewed with the zoom tool. Your photos should be 2700px along the long edge. For the best size and quality with a 4:3 ratio, your photo would be 2700 pixels wide and 2025 pixels tall. This size is perfect for Etsy’s recommendations, and will allow you optimize the image for web.

To summarize:

Ratio: Your ratio should be 4:3.

This means your photo will be wider than it is tall. It’s a perfect size for Etsy, as this is the ratio of the thumbnails that appear in the search and in your shop view – which means your entire photo will be shown and none of your product will be cut off.

Size (in pixels): 2700px wide by 2025px tall

This maintains your 4:3 ratio and ensures your photo is large enough that it will still look great when viewed with the zoom tool.

Keep in mind – your customers need to see great, high quality photos in order to feel like they’re making an informed purchase. That means that if you want customers to click on your listing when it pops up in the search, they need to be able to see the whole photo (and not have parts of it cut off due to incorrect ratio).

That also means that when they enlarge your photo and/or use the zoom tool, they need to see a sharp, crisp image that shows off the details of your product – not a pixelated, low quality photo that makes your product look low quality too.

IMPORTANT: You cannot enlarge your photos after they’re taken. When the photo is captured by your camera it must already be larger than your finished image. To ensure your photos are captured at a large enough size, check your camera settings. If you are using an iPhone the native size of image captured isn’t changeable, but it is large enough at 4032 x 3024 px.

Watch my YouTube video on how to re-size your images in Photoshop and Lightroom

Watch my YouTube video on the Etsy image sizing update for 2020

Optimizing Images For Web

In order for web images to load quickly (so potential customers don’t lose interest), your images should be a small enough file size to load quickly. A good rule of thumb is to for the images to be 1MB or less.

To ensure your images are 1MB or less, always save your images in jpeg and if you need it, you can reduce the quality of the jpeg down to 80% without losing quality.

Watch my YouTube video on how to optimize your images for web

A Word About DPI

It is a widely-held misconception that your images should be 72 dpi. 

The dpi of an image has no impact whatsoever on a digital images. It doesn’t impact the image’s resolution, or it’s file size. It’s a metric that only applies to print media, and thus isn’t even uploaded with your image to the web.  So you don’t need to worry about what the dpi is. 72 is fine. So is 300. So is 3000. It makes no difference to digital images. 🙂

And there you have it! The complete low down on the best sizing for Etsy product photos. Have a question? Drop it below!

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  1. Richie Lau

    minimum is 1500 pixels wide now.

  2. Joy

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have been selling on Etsy for over 10 years and now I am having difficulty uploading pictures. I don’t understand 3000 x 2400pixels as suggested versus 170 x 135 both suggested by Etsy. A large pixel size make my garments very wide and unappealing. In the past it was
    about 850 x 570. Now I have a large amount of items to upload and I am thoroughly confused and frustrated. I don’t know what to do.

    Do you have any suggestions? I have over 130 items listed before with the old numbers. No problem.

    Thank you so much.

    • Amy Eaton

      The 170×135 you’re seeing probably refers to a different image on Etsy, not the product listing images. I’ve updated the article above for the most current recommendations, hope it helps!

  3. Tracy

    Hi, Thanks for your article however it seems like the aspect ratio is 4×5 and not 5×4 as you advised. LMK if I’m missing something as this is a new venture for me. Thank you!

    • Amy Eaton

      The ratio was 5:4, and has since been changed to 4:3. Etsy images for the product listings are slightly wider than they are tall.

  4. Polli Turner

    Their help pages say to use a ratio of 4:3. I wonder when that changed!

    • Amy Eaton

      It changed at the end of 2019! The article has been updated. 🙂

  5. Yin

    Is it ok if I use photos that are larger than 3000px x 2400px?

    • Amy Eaton

      No, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use a larger image size. They’ll take too long to load, bogging down the site, and Etsy doesn’t recommend images above 3000px. Hope that helps!

  6. Diane Seigler

    Hi Amy,
    I have an Etsy store but I have it on vacation mode because I want to learn the correct pixel size, besides removing items, adding items, working on tags, etc.

    Anyway, I took a couple of my photos and used your recommended size, which was 3000px wide by 2400px tall for maximum size and quality and my photos look silly. They are short and fat and I must not be understanding something and I was hoping you could clear this up for me. Thank you for your time.

    • Amy Eaton

      Hi Diane, the photos should be slightly wider and shorter with the stated ratio (see updated post above for new recommendations, but still similar in ratio). This ratio is set by Etsy for the thumbnail images, and it’s definitely in your best interest to optimize your images for this size. They shouldn’t look silly, or overly short/fat with the correct ratio.

  7. Daria

    Hi Amy, thank you for your generous tips. They are very much appreciated. Yet, unfortunately even grea looking pictures appear terribly ugly and blurry once uploaded. I wouldn’t my my own products, so neither would the rest of the world. I have lost my mind trying to fix this the past months. I was hoping your new update would help, but I have come to the point that I am sure there’s nothing I can do to make them look better. It just doesn’t depend on me. I read of tens of people with the same problem on Etsy.

    • Amy Eaton

      Hi Daria, if you’re continuing to have issues I think your problem may be related to the original image size. Are your original images (before you resize them) larger than the finished size? If you try to resize a small image to a larger image, the image will always look pixelated and poor quality. I’ve taught hundreds of makers and they’ve found this image sizing to be perfect for high quality images on Etsy.

  8. Nisha

    Hello, thanks for sharing this!
    I make my mockups for Etsy in illustrator (as that’s what I’ve made my artwork in).
    However, my file size when I save as JPEG are huge – 15MB
    I’ve watched your video for optimising file size but it only refers to Lightroom and photoshop.
    Do you know how I would reduce my file size in illustrator please?

    Thanks! Nisha xx

    • Amy Eaton

      Hi Nisha! I don’t have extensive experience with Illustrator, but if I remember correctly, the export process for Illustrator is similar to Photoshop. You should be able to resize when you export your image (export instead of “save as”).

  9. Will Harrison

    Thanks for all you help with this! What do you recommend for the first photo which Etsy creates a thumbnail out of it? I’ve tried different sizes but sometimes they get cropped. Any size that works well for this?

    • Amy Eaton

      The 4:3 ratio will work to get your photo from getting cut off by the thumbnail. 🙂

  10. Melissa Bryan

    I remember at one point Etsy wanted the photos to be 2000×2000 square. Is that old and should I start changing my photos to the 4:3?

    • Amy Eaton

      You can still use the 1:1 ratio at 2000 x 2000, you’ll just have to be extra careful to make sure that the 4:3 thumbnail in the search results and shop view doesn’t cut off important parts of your photos. If Etsy would change that thumbnail ratio to 1:1 it would make everyone’s life a lot easier! 😆


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About Me

I am a small-town East Coast girl living and working in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Fuelled by coffee and inspiration from other creatives, I’ve been a photographer, educator, and proud member of the creative community since 2010. There’s not much I love more than teaching creative entrepreneurs how to rock their own product photography.

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