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Video 2

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  1. Welcome to Video 2! I hope you love this breakdown of common issues when it comes to product photography. Let me know what challenges you're having with your product photos below!

    Here is a direct link to the quiz mentioned in the video! πŸ‘‰

    1. I’m loving that there’s almost a formula arising, that has room for the creativity, but still gives me basic outline of how to get a great photo.

  2. I learned lots today. I am heading over to take the quiz. Maybe even take new photos with my new knowledge. Thanks, Amy

  3. Some good pointers, but I need to do a deep dive into HOW to correct my photos, find a consistent style, lighting, etc. Hoping some of that will be covered tomorrow!

    1. I totally get that! To deep dive into those topics, the teaching is a lot more involved and requires breaking down techniques, clear step-by-step instruction, demos, and diagrams - a lot more than I can cover in a 25 minute video. But - GREAT news - on Thursday, I'm opening my new Makers' Academy of Product Photography that offers classes in all of those topics and more. I created MAPP in consultation with my large community of makers, so I know you're going love it! Stay tuned.

  4. Great information today. Thank you for showing what the photos should not look like when edited alongside a correctly edited photo. It helps to know what to look for. I'm heading over to the quiz to diagnose my photos!

  5. Thank you for this video. In one phtotoshoot I had problem with the packaging of the products because it was golden glossy color mixed with parts of mat (non glossy) golden and navy blue color effect, and the font was also mat navy blue color. So no matter of the lightening it was difficult to catch the real color packaging.

  6. I had to giggle after I took the quiz - 4 areas had identical numbers. Which reinforces my belief that I have a LOT of learning to do about product photography. Thanks for these videos.

  7. At 7:15 the book at an angle distorting shape vs straight on. The photo at an angle seems to show a rainbow sheen on the lettering whereas the straight on version just looks like black lettering. I'm wondering how you'd take the photo meant to show off the colour of the lettering? I think it would be just one photo within the product page showing different angles

  8. Lighting, lighting, lighting is my big problem (and of course many other factors). How do you compensate for one minute there is sunlight the next minute it's gone? I really struggle with a controlled lighting environment. Tips, please!

  9. I struggle with light, I’m in England and it’s usually quite dull. But when we do get sun it’s full sun!
    Also all your photos so far have been quite muted and calm, my items are bright and fun - any tips or advice for colourful photos.
    Thanks x

  10. Hi Amy, thank you for putting things so simply and for inspiring me to do better! Is there any way to see Video 1 as I didn't get the link?

  11. Thanks Amy, another great video. I am really looking forward to delving deeper into creativity in the next video.

  12. I have enjoyed your courses because I can definitely say I always tended (and still do sometimes) to be guilty of the camera pillow effect – overfilling the frame.
    I appreciate the examples of how the photos should look along side those that need some help.

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