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Grow your sales + social media with
beautiful, effortlessly styled product photos
Gorgeous styled product photos aren’t just for or taken by the pros
they’re taken by YOU too - with a simple, fun, and creative process   

Say hello to…

The Pretty Easy Photo Styling Course + Bonus Toolkit

Simple, straightforward steps for perfectly styled product photos without the stress and frustration - AND the tools to help you create + establish a unique aesthetic for your brand.

Newsflash ⚡️
You are TOTALLY capable of taking beautiful, impactful styled product photos. You just don’t know the secrets yet!

Imagine if you could…

⭐️ Consistently grab the attention of potential customers with impactful, compelling styled product photos

⭐️ Have customers swooning over your products by selling the lifestyle surrounding it, which will have them hitting the add-to-cart button faster than you can say “cha-ching”

⭐️ Always know exactly what props and background to use to compliment your product, and how to weave them together into a stunning styled image

⭐️ Nail the styling every time, saving you loads of time (instead of spending hours taking photos without success)

⭐️ Feel inspired and excited to create gorgeous styled product photos, making your product photography something you actually look forward to instead of dread

Styled product photos are your secret weapon for successfully selling online.
They help you…

Stand out and attract the right customers who are most likely to buy your products (leading to more intentional marketing and, ahem, better sales)

Create a cohesive, professional look across your shop and social media (so you’ll appear more legit to potential customers)

Develop brand recognition and cultivate your fan following (a list of people who can’t wait for a new product launch? Yes, please!)

Sky rocket your sales with photos that are interesting, emotive, and sell the lifestyle around your products

Here is how we’re going to transform your
styled photos into marketing powerhouses

Let’s break it down!

The Course (Value $197)

  • ⭐️ 5 video lessons (with tons of visuals) covering props, backgrounds, arrangement, storytelling, and how your branding ties into photos to attract your ideal customers
  • ⭐️ Explore and brainstorm your ideal customer, branding, props, layouts, backgrounds, and more with the Pretty Easy Photo Styling Workbook + Planner

BONUS: The Toolkit (Value $97)

  • ⭐️ 90+ Props Ideas, 5 Styles Of Photos For A Dynamic and Engaging Instagram Profile E-Guide, Style Guide Canva Template, a super fun quiz to help you uncover your unique photo style

BONUS: Lightroom Presets (Value $27)

  • ⭐️ 5 beautiful one-click photo edits made specifically for products (so they maintain the colour integrity of your product). Quick and easy photo edits that are compatible with the free mobile version of Lightroom? Yes, please!
No more trying figure out photo styling from patchwork freebies and YouTube videos
Now you’ll have solid, clear steps to achieve those gorgeous styled product photos you’ve always wanted

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy 🍋

You know that styled product photos hold A LOT of power when it comes to selling online – but actually knowing just how to capture those drool-worthy photos?

That’s a bit less obvious.

How many times have you gathered some props you thought were okay, picked a background or two, and set to work on a styled photo shoot – only to quickly feel frustrated and confused because the photos just weren’t turning out right!

There’s a reason for that.

Gorgeous styled photos don’t happen by accident. There’s a special formula for selecting the right props, backgrounds, arrangement, and style – and it all ties into your products and brand.

You’re just feeling lost because you haven’t been let in on all the photo styling secrets yet!

Let’s turn that frustration and confusion
into satisfaction and pride, shall we?

I’m a professional product photographer and I’ve taught HUNDREDS of makers how to take gorgeous product photos for their business.

They’ve massively grown their sales, been featured by major influencers, and taken their business to a whole new level of awesomeness thanks to their new and improved images.

Here’s what a few of them had to say…

“Not only do I now have the capability to shoot my own items with a professional look, but being featured online now seems to be a regular thing for my business.” - Teresa

“My social media following has more than doubled, and online sales have grown an additional $75,000.” - Gillian

“Amy’s courses are so well done. She explains things in detail but in a way that is concise and easy to understand.” - Beth

“Amy is built for teaching… Clear, concise, and so very generous with her expertise!” - Kerin

Can we talk honestly for a sec?

Your product photos aren’t working.

They don’t look professional, aren’t attracting customers, and they’re not compelling anyone to buy your products.

Here are 4 reasons why your styled product photos are missing the mark:

Your props are all off: Choosing the right props is imperative – they need to support your product, not pull focus, and communicate the right things.

Your background is either boring or too distracting: White backgrounds are a snoozefest, but what else should you use? Backgrounds can’t be distracting, but they need to support the styling – it’s a delicate balance that is hard to get right.

Your prop arrangement doesn’t highlight your product: The props need to support the story and styling, but your product needs to be the star of the show. Nailing the arrangement of your props and product is crucial for a successful styled photo.

They’re not compelling or interesting: Slapping some props and product on a background doesn’t give a styled photo the narrative to attract customers and convert them into buyers – but stories do. Your styled photos need to communicate a narrative that makes customers desire your product, and help them imagine it in their own life.

As you can see, effectively styling beautiful
product photos is not as easy as it seems.

But don’t worry –

I’ve got you covered with Pretty Easy Photo Styling,
where I share all of my best secrets and the formula for perfectly styled photos.

(value $197)

✅ Video Lesson #1: Brand Consistency & Your Ideal Customer

Establish consistency in your styled product photos by making them on-brand and styled so they attract your ideal customers

✅ Video Lesson #2: Backgrounds

The guidelines for appropriate backgrounds for styled photos, and how to choose the right background that’s a fit for your products and brand

✅ Video Lesson #3: Props

How to choose the right props that will be the perfect compliment to your product (and where to source them)

✅ Video Lesson #4: Prop & Product Arrangement

Arrange your props + product and compose the photo in a way that make your product the focal point of the image, while the props remain supportive and enhance the overall look and attractiveness of the photo

✅ Video Lesson #5: Storytelling

Use props, backgrounds, and arrangement to tell an impactful story and communicate a narrative that will resonate with your ideal customers, creating feelings of desire and compelling them to actually buy.


Pretty Easy Photo Styling Workbook + Planner: Explore and brainstorm your ideal customer, branding, props, layouts, and backgrounds with this 20 page fillable PDF workbook. The exercises in this workbook will help you apply what you learn in the course in the context of your own products and business.

⭐️ BONUS: The Toolkit ⭐️
(value $97)

90+ Props Ideas PDF: so you’re never stumped for ideas

E-GUIDE: Grow an engaged Instagram following that can’t wait to buy from you with my 5 Styles Of Photos For A Dynamic and Engaging Instagram Profile E-Guide

TEMPLATE: Establish a clear, consistent, and recognizable look for your styled photos with the Style Guide Canva Template

QUIZ: Nail down just what props you should use for your styled photos with the super fun quiz, “What Props Should You Use For Your Styled Photos?” No more guessing!

⭐️ Another BONUS! – Lightroom Presets ⭐️
(value $27)

PRESETS: Stylised Lightroom Presets: 5 beautiful one-click photo edits made specifically for products (so they maintain the colour integrity of your product). Quick and easy photo edits that are compatible with the free mobile version of Lightroom? Yes, please!

Total Value: $321

Today’s Price Only
(88% off!)

Here are some questions you may have…

❓ Do I need any special equipment, like a fancy camera or a big editing program?

✅ Not at all! PEPS is right for you whether you’re using a DSLR camera and editing with Photoshop, or using your smartphone camera and using a mobile editing app.


❓ How long do I have to complete the course?

✅ You have lifetime access to PEPS, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course (or zoom through it if you’re keen like that).


❓ My product is [x,y,z] – is this course right for me?

✅ Yes! The principles of photo styling shared in PEPS can be applied to any kind of product, from jewelry to wall art.


❓ What kind of styled photos do you talk about in PEPS?

✅ All kinds! From flat lays, to straight-ons, to lifestyle photos. A wide range of photos are talked about and shown as demonstrations in this course.

Get Pretty Easy Photo Styling NOW and start taking flawless, impactful, creative product photos that’ll grow your sales, traffic, and engagement –

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👉 Styled photos are VITAL to a successful online product-based business


👉 Without proper guidance, learning how to capture them is NOT STRAIGHTFORWARD

👉 With PEPS, you will nail your photo styling for beautiful, emotive, compelling product photos that will sell your products like hotcakes.

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