Beautiful, creative product photos with your smartphone camera.

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That smartphone camera you carry with you everywhere is capable of GREAT things -

With the right tricks, techniques, and a dash of your own creative vision.

Little camera. BIG creativity.

Smartphone cameras have limitations, but your photos don't have to.

There's no denying that smartphones are limited compared to their DSLR or mirrorless camera counterparts, but knowing what those limitations are and how to work within them gives you the freedom to wield your creativity and know-how for exceptional, high-quality brand and product photos.

Take control of your photos no matter what you use for a camera.

With the right apps, tools, and an understanding of how smartphone cameras work, you can take high quality photos for your business that are creative and compelling.

Convenience + Creativity =
Beautiful photos for your business

Inside Creative Smartphone Photography, you will:

  • Discover the capabilities of your smartphone camera for convenient and creative high quality photos
  • Develop skills to maneuver around your smartphone's limitations and unlock its potential
  • Gain access to my shortlist of essential apps for smartphone photography for your business
  • Establish a foundation for understanding how your smartphone camera works so you can take photos with creative freedom
  • Learn a complete photography process from setup to capturing the photo to adding the final touch with editing - all right on your phone

“Amy is built for teaching… Clear, concise, and so very generous with her expertise!”

- kerin rose

The Lessons

Useful Apps & Tools
Unlock your smartphone camera’s potential with these useful apps and tools that will help you take better photos with more ease and enjoyment.
Smartphone Photography Lighting
Great lighting is crucial for successful smartphone photography. In this lesson, we discuss how to get the most of the natural light available in your home, and my picks for artificial lighting options for smartphone photography.
Manual Settings
How to create truly impressive photos by using the manual control of the camera settings on your smartphone using Lightroom mobile.
Understanding Your Smartphone Camera
Smartphone cameras come with limitations, but once you understand them, you can effectively work around them. This lesson is all about your smartphone camera and how it’s different from other types of cameras, so that you can learn to use it to its full potential.
Smartphone Photography Techniques
Easily uplevel your smartphone photography by learning some specific tricks and techniques for maximizing the potential of your smartphone camera.
Quick & Easy Photo Editing
A quick and easy photo editing process using the free Lightroom Mobile app to give your creative product photos the final touch.

Bonus Resources

  • A 9-page downloadable PDF including beneficial resources like an apps and tools list, a checklist for great product photography, a lighting questionnaire, worksheets related to course material, a quick reference guide for shooting on manual, and more
  • Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack containing 5 one-click editing presets for commonly used corrections

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specific smartphone?
No specific smartphone is required. This course is great whether you use an iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, or whatever else. Significantly older models may not be able to utilize some of the recommended apps and may not be able to generate quality photos, however.
What is NOT covered in this course?
This course covers exactly how to use your smartphone camera to take great photos, including a crash course in lighting and photo editing. It doesn’t cover photo styling, detailed information about different compositions, or in-depth lighting and editing techniques. It is concise, to the point, and designed to have you taking better product photos with your phone, quickly and easily.
Are you available to answer questions?
While this course doesn’t include a support component, you will be able to post questions in the comments section of the lessons and I will do my best to answer them.
How long do I have to complete it?
You will have lifetime access to this course. “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the course. As long as it is offered, you will have access to it and any updates. Should it no longer continue to be hosted on my site, you will have ample opportunity to download the lessons for your own personal reference.
How is the course delivered?
This course is delivered via video lessons inside your secure course area. The videos include verbal instruction and plenty of visuals. You will also receive a PDF download with additional resources.
Will this course be updated regularly?
Yes, as long as this course continues to be offered on my site, it will be updated to remain current and relevant.

Hi, I'm Amy.

Through my signature, no-muss no-fuss teaching style, I teach exactly what you need to know through clear, simple steps, which enables you to take gorgeous product photos, quickly and easily. Swirl in a healthy dose of creativity and artistic approach, and these beautiful images allow you to effectively market your products and themselves.

That’s why I’ve become the go-to instructor for brand and product photography, having taught over 1500 makers and creatives through my courses.

“Amy’s courses are so well done. She explains things in detail but in a way that is concise and easy to understand.”

- beth

Convert your smartphone camera into a powerful tool for creativity and marketing for your business

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