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Hey there, maker!

We both know that having gorgeous product photos is a must for a successful online shop. But trying to figure out HOW is practically rocket science, right?! Until now, that is.

I’m Amy, a product photographer turned educator, and I teach makers and creatives how to take gorgeous photos for their business without stress and frustration. Sound good? Here are some free resources to get you started!

Amy Eaton

Product Photography 101

a FREE crash course on how to take better product photos for your handmade business

You know you need great product photos for your handmade business, but learning product photography is basically rocket science. It’s complicated, confusing, and overwhelming!
Until now, that is.

In this course, I break down the basics into simple, easy-to-understand language, demonstrate a simple lighting setup that requires zero fancy equipment, show you a quick editing process, and outline best practices for styling your photos. 

You’re wearing about 17 different hats as a creative business owner, including a photographer hat – but you’re super confused and frustrated.

Everything you’ve tried to learn about product photography has gone way over your head, thanks to all the technical jargon and complex setups you’ve found online.

What you really need is just someone to break it down for you in simple, easy to understand terms, telling you exactly (and only) what you NEED to know to take beautiful product photos for your business.

You know you need great product photos for your handmade business, but learning product photography is basically rocket science.

That’s why you’re here. That’s why I’m here. To help you.

Well, hello there!

I’m Amy, product photographer and educator, and that is exactly what I do. I teach makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs how to take beautiful photos for their business, easily and joyfully (for real).

I’ve taught thousands of creatives from all over the world how to take their own gorgeous brand and product photos, and I can’t wait to help you too.

Here are some free resources to get you started on the path to great product photos

90+ Prop Ideas For

Your Styled Photos

If you’re stumped for props to include in your styled photos, this prop list is for you! Including over 90 prop ideas for different brand styles, this list is sure to spark some inspiration and give your styled photos some fresh new life!

Product Photography

Quality Checklist

Having great product photos is key to your success as a maker selling online. Ever wonder how yours rate? Check them against this handy checklist, and BONUS, get a full breakdown on what actually makes a product photo great.

5 Styles of Photos

For Your Instagram

Ever wonder what the recipe is for those gorgeous Instagram feeds? In this free guide, I break down the 5 styles of photos you should have for your Instagram feed, AND include hot tips on taking authentic, beautiful brand photos for your business.

And when you’re ready to take the next step and finally make low quality, stress-inducing product photos a thing of the past, you can check out my online photography courses and tools.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and helloooooo to beautiful photos that sell your products like hotcakes.