Easy Photo Editing

Master a simple editing process for
pro-level product photos

or 3 monthly payments of $33

Imagine this:

✔  You no longer dread editing your photos. You don’t question what to do and you don’t spend hours googling how to use Photoshop (to no avail).

✔  You have totally mastered a simple and efficient way to process your photos that doesn’t hang you up or prevent you from getting new listings out there.

✔  You’re confident. And your product photos ROCK.

✔  Oh, and those awesomely edited product photos are totally skyrocketing your sales. No big deal.


(and a heck of a lot faster)

You know that editing your images is key when it comes to great product photos. But whoa… photo editing is basically rocket science, am I right?

I know it can seem that way, but here’s the thing – there’s a really simple and efficient editing process just for you, the handmade seller, and I’m here to teach you how to do it.


being confused and frustrated when it comes to editing is NOT

What You’ll Learn

  • ✔  Discover the different software options available to you
  • ✔  Learn how to crop and resize for optimal size and resolution (and what that even means) for your product photos
  • ✔  Learn how to effectively adjust your white balance for colour accuracy
  • ✔  Learn simple levels & curves adjustments that will make a huge impact on your photography
  • ✔  Develop an understanding of what layers are, and how they can help your editing process
  • ✔  Save & Export your images confidently, with the correct file type and color profile

High-quality edited photos help you stand out, sell more, and reduce customer service issues.

The good news?
You don’t have be a pro to edit like one.

So What’s Included?

  • ✔  7 lectures covering exactly what you need to know to edit your photos easily and effectively
  • ✔  A printable quick reference checklist for editing your photos
  • ✔  Lectures available in video and audio (for learning on the go)
  • ✔  Lifetime access to the course and all it’s future updates

And the best part? When you’re done, you’ll have a solid and efficient editing process that doesn’t overwhelm, confuse, or frustrate you.

Less time, better photos, AND less frustration?! Let’s do this!

Hey, I’m Amy

I’m a professional product photographer who knows her stuff – but what’s even more important is that I know how to teach efficient, effective photography practices in the most simplified, step-by-step way. No muss, no fuss, and no over-your-head technical jargon. Just straight-forward information that you need to know.

All of my courses and tools are developed with non-photographers in mind, so they’re simple and to the point. I don’t need to show off how much I know with big words or fancy setups – my goal is to have my students taking gorgeous photos for their businesses as quickly and easily as possible.

I only have a smartphone for a camera. Does this course apply to me?

Yes! The editing techniques apply to any image whether taken with a smartphone or a DSLR camera. This course is definitely for you!

I have literally no idea when it comes to photo editing. Will I be lost in this course?

Nope! My courses are designed with any handmade seller in mind, regardless of your familiarity with editing. This course teaches you a simple and effective process to achieve well-edited and professional-looking photos even if you’re totally new to photo editing.

My photos need a lot of improvement. Can editing fix my bad photos?

Photo editing can make a huge difference to a photo that needs help, and it also takes your photos to next level. That being said, there are certain photo faux pas that editing will not be able to fix. Having a good foundation photo makes a huge difference. But don’t worry! This course has a few tips on how to get those great foundation images.

I know some about photo editing already. Do I need this course?

If you are ready to learn a process that will have you easily and efficiently editing your product photos, then yes! Some of my students are already quite familiar with programs like Photoshop and they’ve found loads of value in this course.

Will I need to have Photoshop or Lightroom for this course to apply to me?

I do recommend Photoshop and Lightroom the most, as they are the industry standard when it comes to photo editing and one of the few programs that embed color profiles with the images, which is imperative for proper product photography. All of the tutorials take place in Photoshop and Lightroom, but you should be able to apply the principles of what you’ve learned to other editing programs like Affinity Photo and GIMP as well.

How much time will it take me to get through this course?

My courses are all about efficiency. I teach you only what you need to know when it comes to editing your product photos. The information is specific and concise. In just 7 lectures, you’ll have developed a simple and efficient editing process, and learning is self-paced, so you can finish the material as quickly as you want (or take your time, it’s up to you!).

How long will I have access to the lessons for?

How does forever sound? With your enrollment in Easy Photo Editing, you’ll have lifetime access to the course and all it’s future updates.

Are you ready to stop being confused by photo editing, save time in your editing process, AND level up your photography (and your sales) through awesome and easy photo editing?

Let’s get started!

or 3 monthly payments of $33