BOLD Sessions

You may be ready for big success, but the path from here to there isn’t always clear.

Through your 1-1 mentoring session with Amy, you’ll be ready to make some bold moves and big strides in your business

Can you taste that sweet success?

What are BOLD Sessions?

You’re an entrepreneur with big hopes and even bigger dreams.

You’re ready for some bold moves… But running a business is hard, and sometimes you just feel all in your head.

You’re ready to make things happen, but you just can’t quite see the way forward. You’re unsure, and you just wish you could talk to someone who’s been where you are, knows how to get where you want to be, and who understands the journey.

I’ll help you clear the way ahead, so the path to success is clearer, and easier to walk.

What BOLD Sessions Will Do For You

For 90 minutes, you and I will work together to develop a roadmap to your goals.

BOLD Sessions are perfect for you if:

You have big dreams for your business, but you’re unsure how to get there

You feel stuck in your business, and you need clarity with how to get to the next level

You’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and you’re feeling overwhelmed and unclear about where you’re going

You know where you want to be in your business, and you know how to get there – but you’re struggling to stay motivated and focused

You’re seeking intuitive guidance on the present, the future of your business, and the path forward

What You’ll Walk Away With

After our 90 minute session, you’ll have:

A full recording of our session to revisit as many times as you need

A clear action plan with realistic goals for moving forward in your business

One 20 minute follow-up check-in call

Confidence, clarity, enthusiam, and excitement for the future of your business

If you’re ready to boldy build the business of your wildest dreams, but you just need the support and guidance from an entrepreneur who’s been where you are, BOLD sessions are for you.

I worked in my business for nine years, all while desperately wanting to leave my dreaded day job, before finally gaining the confidence, clarity, and direction necessary for a full-time, sustainable business. In my first full year after getting clear on my goals and business model, I earned a six-figure income, and my business has grown steadily since then.

Despite the long road to success, I’m grateful for each step because I was gifted a vast amount of valuable lessons along the way – lessons that I can now pass onto others.

I can’t wait to mentor you, so that the road to your goals is direct, clear, and not one you have to walk alone.

I’m ready to be bold!