Master The White Background


A straightforward course for makers on how to NAIL that white background for gorgeous, professional-looking product photos.

or 3 monthly payments of $49

One of the trickiest things to capture in product photography is that crisp, white background. You setup your shot, it seems like everything looks great but then – what the heck?

Why is this white background coming out GREY?!

As a professional product photographer, I can tell ya – it isn’t easy. BUT, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve broken down the process into simple, easy steps to achieve that crisp, white background – without the headache.

Professional-looking photos are key to the success of your online business.

Are you ready to finally rock that white background?

Why a White Background?

Here’s the thing…

Having the ability to take beautiful, professional-looking photos on a white background gives you SO many advantages. If you want to…

👉 Sell on Amazon (regular Amazon AND Handmade at Amazon)

👉 Land certain wholesale accounts

👉 Be featured in publications or on blogs

👉 Just want to have a clean, crisp background for your product photos

Then, my friend… This course and you are a match made in heaven.


You need a specific approach, strategy, a techniques to pull it off.

Psst… I have a secret to share with you.


Allow me to let you in on an industry secret: Those super white background product shots you see? Those don’t come naturally. At all.

They require lighting magic and/or editing wizardry, and a certain amount of know-how to pull off.

It’s not impossible, or even overly challenging, you simply have to know the right strategies for shooting and editing your white background photos.

That’s where I come in.

You don’t need all the technical jargon and expensive setups. Just simple, step-by-step instructions to achieve a great white background image as quickly and easily as possible.

So what’s included?

This course covers everything from setup, to lighting, to editing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

📸 How to prepare your shot to make your product look absolutely fabulous against a white background

📸 Ideal camera settings for shooting on a white background (for both DSLR cameras AND smartphones)

📸 Simple, strategic lighting setups that will result in top quality white background photos

📸 Editing wizardry for brightening the white background while preserving and maintaining the tones of your product (including instructions for using the free Lightroom app for mobile!)

⭐️ BONUS: A full set of my Photoshop actions, including my Super White Background action, that will help make your editing process a breeze! ($49 value)

Hey, I’m Amy

I’m a professional product photographer who knows her stuff – but what’s even more important is that I know how to teach efficient, effective photography practices in the most simplified, step-by-step way. No muss, no fuss, and no over-your-head technical jargon. Just straight-forward information that you need to know.

All of my courses and tools are developed with non-photographers in mind, so they’re simple and to the point. I don’t need to show off how much I know with big words or fancy setups – my goal is to have my students taking gorgeous photos for their businesses as quickly and easily as possible.

Do I need a DSLR camera for this course?

Nope! You sure don’t. DSLRs are great, and they tend to make taking an awesome photos easier, but you absolutely can use your smartphone for this course as well. All of the material will still apply and you’ll even get some smartphone photography tips along the way.

How is this course delivered?

The lectures are delivered via video, both with slides and active demonstrations on how to actually do the strategies and techniques.

Do I need a lot of extra equipment for this?

Not usually! I always encourage my students to use the least expensive/complicated tools, as long as they are effective. Depending on the situation (how much available natural light you have, whether or not your products are reflective, the size of your products, etc), artificial light may be required. 

Do I need a fancy editing program?

I do recommend Photoshop for this course, or a close equivalent like Affinity Photo. It is possible to use other programs like Photoshop Elements as well, although they are limited and may not be able to perform some of the tasks as well. The bonus set of Photoshop actions can only be used with Photoshop CC.

What if my products are white? Or silver? That's tough to capture.

It sure is! BUT, there are tricks that’ll help and I have them for you. If you have any of these difficult-to-photograph items, you especially need this course.

How long do I have access to the course? Do I have to complete it within a certain time frame?

This course is totally self-paced and once you enroll, you have lifetime access to the course videos.

So, what’ll it be?

Dull, greyish, and/or unprofessional-looking photos that’ll have customers scrolling on by?

Or, bright, crisp white background photos that make your products shine, increase your traffic, and up your sales game?

or 3 monthly payments of $49