Hey, friend! I’m Amy.

I’m a product and brand photographer turned educator, and I teach makers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs how to take gorgeous photos for their business.

On this page, you will discover why I’m the go-to expert for product and brand photography for business owners, some fun facts about me (like that I’m ambidextrous), why I do what I do, and my journey from being a struggling photographer with a dreadful day job to a thriving six-figure creative entrepreneur.

Amy Eaton

So what do I know, anyway?

Let’s be real – there’s A LOT of information on product photography out there. The problem is that the information is either too basic, just straight up wrong, OR it’s way too complicated and goes right over your head.

There are two main things you should know about me –
I know what I’m talking about, and I revel in the concept of simplicity.

A lot of photographers are all about complex setups, expensive equipment and lights, and using more technical jargon than you can shake a stick at. Not this gal. While I can, and sometimes need to, use complex setups and extra equipment, I prefer the basics.

That’s why I’ve become the go-to person to teach product photography to makers, and brand photography to the wider online entrepreneur community.

Through my signature, no-muss no-fuss teaching style, my students learn exactly what they need to know through clear, simple steps, which enables them to take gorgeous product photos, quickly and easily. These beautiful images allow them to effectively market their products, and thrive in the online marketplace.

My Story

I wanted so desperately, for YEARS, to leave my day job and have a thriving creative business. I hustled day after day, in any spare moment, to make my dreams a reality.

I struggled to make enough money to go full-time, and was constantly unsure of the direction I wanted for my business. Above all else, I struggled with the belief that I was even capable, or worthy of, having an incredible business that would allow me to live the life I’d barely even allowed myself to dream of.

It was only after a huge life change (divorce, moving to a new city, have the WORST day job ever) that I hit my breaking point and decided that enough was enough – I WAS going to “make it” as an entrepreneur, come hell or high water. So, I quit my job. I was terrified, and unsure of how to proceed, but all I knew is that I must. 

After some soul searching, I went on to build Snap, Sell, Succeed, an online product photography course for makers, filling a huge need in the handmade community for simplified, straight-forward product photography training.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve enrolled nearly 1200 students in my various courses, workshops, and photography tools.

Taken in 2011, when I had no clue what I was doing, only that I wanted something more.

My Journey From Then To Now

a timeline

Fun Facts About Amy

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, which looks like it was painted by Bob Ross, with my husband (Jeff), two kids (Nate and Alice), and our boston terrier (Huxley). 

I grew up riding horses, both for enjoyment and competitively. I even became certified to teach others to ride. I don’t currently have a horse, but I have no doubt that I will again in the future.

I’m ambidextrous. Which sounds cool, but I don’t instantly know left from right because I don’t have a dominant side.

I own 240 acres (97 hectares) of Acadian forest, which I inherited. It has been passed down through the family since the 1800s. It’s never been harvested, and I’m very protective of it, and the wildlife and biodiversity that lives on the land.

I love nature, the outdoors, rural life, gardening, and can’t wait to have my own farm in the not-so-distant future.

I am an avid gamer – video games, mostly, with the occasional tabletop game thrown in for funsies. I wear my “huge nerd” badge with great pride.

My “Why”

My greatest “why” is – you guessed it! These guys. My family. Being able to spend our days together, working in our business and being present for children, is what I value the most.

But that’s not my only “why” – the greatest joy of my career is the incredible success I’ve had the honour of watching my students achieve – from increasing their sales by tens of thousands of dollars, to being featured by major influencers and going viral, to actually developing a genuine love for product photography. It’s been so unbelievably rewarding! I feel like the luckiest gal alive to do what I do.

The amazing creative community that I have here on the interwebs is so, so special. Whether we connect through my BOLD mail, Instagram, YouTube, or Bold Company, believe me when I say that I’m grateful to have you here.